A new assignment planner, but is it the last?

A new assignment planner, but is it the last?

If you are interested in preordering the Collage Weekly Planner, Volume 3, you may reserve your copy now.

The cost is $30 and upon purchase, you will receive a link to a digital download of the assignments. This is for anyone who wants to have a peak at the assignments ahead of time, and start thinking of gathering papers. 😉

I am sending the file to the printer this week and expect to have them ready to ship by the first or second week in December (yep, cutting it close!)

A look inside

Here is what the page layout looks like.

When I asked for feedback on if I should create volume 3 and what would you like to see different, many people said that they don’t use the days portion at all. I wanted to keep them, but I moved them to the lower half, to bring the assignment into a more prominent place. The days are still there, but I didn’t label the boxes. Some people need more space for weekend days while mid week is less busy. With no labels, you can label the boxes with your days in the order that makes sense for you. Also, if you don’t want to use days/dates, you can use the boxes for adding notes to yourself or whatever things you’d like.

Is volume 3 the last?

Volume 3 will be the last printed planner. It is no longer viable for me to have books printed and fulfilled for two reasons:

First, printing has gotten extremely expensive. In the five years I’ve been self publishing, the costs have more than doubled for the same print job. What had costed me $7.50 to print a single book, now costs me close to $18 for the *same* title. What the heck is going on? Scarcity of lumber (for paper) + inflation.

As you’ve probably noticed, shipping costs have gotten much worse as well. Luckily, if you are in the US, I can still utilize media mail. It costs about $4 to send a planner anywhere in the US, which is nice. Internationally, however, prices are ridiculously high.

Second, customer service is taking a lot of my time, which I want to devote to other things. I’d like to work on more art, and explore creating more YouTube videos. I can’t do that when I’m fulfilling orders and hunting down lost parcels. It’s time for me to shift my focus. Life is short and I want to do things I enjoy so that I can share that joy with you.

I am thinking about providing my book files to Amazon to have them fulfill. They currently do not print and ship spiral-bound books however, so that wouldn’t work for the planners. I will look for other solutions.

So, is it the last?

I will continue to create things that you can download and print on your own, but I am definitely moving away from printing. Next year I can brainstorm with those of you who love the assignments and want more, to see how I can provide you with something that you’ll find useful and will enjoy.

Preorder if you are interested in the print version. I will be making the digital version available for purchase in mid-December — both the full book digital version, and also just the assignments.

As always, thank you for your interest!