About Isabella Conticello

Isabella Conticello (b. 1988) is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator. She is identified for her distinctive way of translating hues and styles into a incredibly reliable style. On completion, she supports her layouts with a also meticulous method of combining strains and kinds with an impeccable sense of density and quantity.

She is a shade person, just one of those utilized to describe every single memory with a shade-connected emotion. For instance, as she is at first from Sicily, the blue of the sea and the yellow of the sun are recurring things in her artwork.

Her passion for graphic layout has grown even though studying fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, a main second in which she started recognizing her impressive yet uncomplicated and clean up graphic layouts. Her inspiration arrives from Yves Klein, Irma Boom, and Franco Fontana’s perform: “ me, blue, pink and yellow are the fantastic triad. I always lookup for new ways of applying a chosen part or interpreting an aspect to locate the final core aspect that will pool all the other types together, as in a massive spouse and children.”

Workflow and Approach

She functions mainly with vector digital media, as she continue to defines herself fully tied to this procedure, as it was her first solution to her original artworks.

Despite her young age, she has gathered different meaningful collaborations but hasn’t obtained a most popular one to point out. She says: “Every project is exclusive, and I have often received one thing critical from each”.

Whilst she is effective predominantly with electronic, she still hasn’t a private web site, and likely this is anything we like about her. She defines Behance as a shelter for people artists like her that nonetheless do not established the concept of possessing a web-site. So to know a lot more about her function, stop by her Behance webpage.


@ I. Conticello – A GEO A Working day
Isabella Conticello - OIOI - Minimarket di editoria indipendendente
@ I. Conticello – OIOI – Minimarket di editoria indipendendente
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@ I. Conticello – TUBOBLU | Milano
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@ I. Conticello – A GEO A Working day
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@ I. Conticello – A GEO A Working day
@ I. Conticello – A GEO A Day
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