Know Like & Trust | Dee Hunt | Episode 876

Dee Hunt | Episode 876

Dee Hunt is a retired woman in her 60’s who identified clay some 20 years ago when she worked in the professional globe. Generating pots became Dee’s way of retaining sane! Now all those operating times are about and Dee can dedicate her times to remaining in her studio.  Dee hand builds with stoneware clay and will make unusual and modern vessels for both of those house and back garden. Dee’s inspiration comes from her environment… the textures and colors she utilizes are indicative of the agricultural and coastal landscape exactly where Dee life.


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What are some of the points that you do to make your self accessible to be recognized?

Properly I imagine when you go to a demonstrate the initial factor that you have obtained to put on the again burner is any strategy of being shy. For the reason that you are in management of how much you communicate to the customers and if you stand at the back of your stand and never engage with persons that appear on to the stand until they begin conversing to you, you are quite significantly on the again (thought) . I do not consider customers don’t have to necessarily  have to know you, but I do feel they have to like you. They have to have an understanding of the maker to a selected extent. So you have to be geared up to place on your own out there and start speaking.

So you are stating be likeable.

Yes, engage with them. You smile. You make a joke even if it is at your have cost. People like that.

So you are saying be accessible, be offered. 

Yes, be accessible. And if they truly begin to discuss about your work and they want to know additional about it then be as descriptive as you want to be about how you make your stuff.

Do you have a pocketful of issues that you like to ask men and women to initiate discussions?

I wouldn’t say that I have inventory queries that I inquire for the reason that it will rely on who appears in front of me. But I think from my aged position, it is sensible to request open up queries. Even be daring and if someone is really severe and hunting at your things just say, What do you consider of my function? Really don’t say, Do you like it? because that is likely to be a sure or a no. That’s likely to be a discussion stopper. Or question them what is it that interests them about ceramics. Open inquiries the place you can get them to give you extra.

What would make a person honest in these types of a small trade?

I think that is a tricky a single. I consider that is some thing that gets constructed up more than time. I have acquired some clients that are repeat consumers that I have recognized for some years now and the concern is easy to answer when it arrives to them mainly because it’s the previous policies of business actually, which are if you have promised to do a little something, do it. If you have promised to have a little something all set for them by a certain time, make positive you hit that deadline. If you’ve promised you’d enable them know something then make certain that you permit them know. There’s just those people previous fashioned symbols of being responsible, seriously, I think.  The important to most excellent organization is productive interaction.

What do you like to do for a working day off?

We have received some amazing coastline right here in Norfolk and when all the tourists have long gone away at the conclusion of the summer and we get to this time of the 12 months and heading into the wintertime it is fantastic to go to a single of the deserted beaches and just go for a pretty extensive stroll without anybody in sight and take pleasure in the wildness of the countryside and the coastline right here.


Color in Glazes by Linda Bloomfield 

The Happiness  Code by Dominique Bertolucci 

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