Mater by Melissa Giowanella

Mater by Melissa Giowanella | Tagree

Melissa Giowanella

is a brazilian actress, photographer, producer, online video maker, educator, and researcher in theater and images. As a visible artist, she provides to her function the regularity and drama of the theater. Her concentration is to study and develop the self-portrait as a important and questioning tool. She at present dedicates herself to Wonderful Artwork pictures as a usually means of inventive expression, often trying to find a crucial reflection on social difficulties. In 2022, she began researching and carrying out creative experimentations with new methods, starting off a generation on Hybrid Photography.


“My roots are in theater, and the desire to notify tales produced me an artist. And as an artist, a single of the equipment I use is pictures. Using images as a sort of personal expression, it was in artistic and up to date pictures that I identified a fertile setting so which I could overflow all my issues. As a legacy of my skills in the theater, my visuals have accentuated staging, with fantastic visible and conceptual drama. My perform has a baroque visual element with a moody environment. I use darkish art as a visual strategy to specific myself. My great inspirations and references are Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Zdzisław Beksiński, Brooke Shaden, Olivier de Sagazan and Gottfried Helnwein. I appropriate the self-portrait to construct my narratives. I use each manipulated digital photography and hybrid images to be able to express my issues. My primary motivations are questioning and criticism. My perform isn’t going to seek a nice location. It seeks soreness. From identification of what disturbs me, my pictures convey it out and generate reflections. My key inquiries are relevant to my identity as a lady in an oppressive society. I seek to go over all the things that attacks us, is imposed on us, and is unpleasant. We are not only moved by the elegance, but the unpleasant and the grotesque also encourage us. People are created of light-weight and shadow. Speaking about ache is just as vital as talking about joy. It can be upsetting and awkward, but it’s liberating. I am currently doing the job with Fine Art, seeking for distinctive pictures that talk to distinct themes and with the development of broader and deeper projects that will socially relate to my environment.”