On The Spot: Joanna Rzepecka

On The Spot: Joanna Rzepecka

These warm browns, greens, and yellows make us want to tattoo “I like drop most of all” all in excess of our bodies. But why would we do that when we can just get ourselves a Displate with Joanna Rzepecka’s artwork? 

Through her rich and in-depth illustrations this Warsaw-based mostly artist flawlessly captures the nature craving spirit of the time. Let us discover out how she does this!

Are you a qualified or self-taught artist?

I’m a skilled artist with a bachelor’s diploma from the Academy of Great Arts in Warsaw. I examined video games and comedian layout.

Where do you live? How much do your environment inspire you to generate?

I live in Warsaw with my sister and my pet dog Gacek. My environment are somewhat uninteresting, so I permit my ideas run to forests and summertime landscapes when I develop. I enjoy getting my puppy for walks in the park, it presents me some time to unwind.

White dragon hunt
White deer portrait

Your primary theme is character. Why did you decide to draw animals and their organic habitat?

Ever given that I was little, nature has influenced me. It is the subject that’s always been pricey to my heart and I get pleasure from studying new matters about animals and the world. I want to share this enthusiasm with my audience.

Where by else do you get inspiration from?

From other artists and my close friends from the Academy! I primarily get pleasure from the works of classical artists like Gerhard Munthe, Henri Rivière, Ivan BIlibin, and Theodor Kittelsen.

Raccoon on the tree

How did you create your type? 

It has gradually evolved above the years. With time, I started out to love incorporating textures and compact facts. The majority of my artwork features animals versus backgrounds crammed with dense foliage. It will come naturally to me, but I continue to be open up to new concepts, so at some point I’ll find one thing else that conjures up me.

Do you have your preferred animal to draw or 1 that you affiliate with?

Picking out a favorite would be also difficult, but I suppose I like big cats. I love the styles and colours of diverse animals and it is normally a pleasure to come across new reference photos of a variety of species. When it arrives to associating myself with a particular animal, I assume I would pick a chill a person, like, say, a badger.

If you could pick out a person area on Earth to develop, where would it be?

I really don’t truly have a unique respond to. I would adore to have a property in close proximity to a lake, in the mountains, or in a forest, with occasional obtain to locals and other necessities. I want to are living in a position with tons of trees, where by I would truly feel free of charge. I adore Scandinavia and I want to go to it some extra or apply for artist residency.

Owl on the forest flooring

What are your other hobbies?

I appreciate taking part in RPG video game titles and observing YouTube. I take superior care of the vegetation in my condominium, and I delight in enjoying board online games with my close friends.

What are your inventive ideas for the future?

I want to be an creator of children’s guides and design board game titles. I would also appreciate to publish zines and exhibit my functions.

Instagram: @turnipot

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