"Strange Pain" by Artist Felicia Chiao

“Strange Pain” by Artist Felicia Chiao

A variety of images from Felicia Chiao’s first solo demonstrate in New York Metropolis. Chiao’s autobiographical perform gives visual representations of extremely precise still totally common elements of the human encounter, creating worlds in which thoughts just take on physical form. In “Strange Pain” one’s panic appears as an amorphous blob looming all over the corner and depression a persistent, cat-like companion. As Chiao points out even more:

“Strange Soreness is about the tiny, undefinable pains you sometimes sense when absolutely nothing is particularly erroneous. It can occur as that ache you sense from a unfortunate song or that fleeting wave of despair that comes around you though waiting around for drinking water to boil. It can be the tightness in your chest before a social function or that obscure sense of guilt you often get, even however you’ve carried out absolutely nothing mistaken. Bizarre pains are challenging to set into terms but this overall body of operate does its ideal to take a look at them.”

Despite Chiao’s emphasis on thoughts of discomfort, her perform evokes its individual perception of coziness and camaraderie as we can all share a sense of recognition or take pleasure in the easy beauty of a tree mounting out of a setting up toward the sun. See a lot more photographs from “Strange Pain” underneath or on show at Harman Assignments December 17 – January 7.