The “Faire” Way To Sell | Jannalyn Bailey | Episode 883

Jannalyn Bailey | Episode 883

Curious Clay, started by Jannalyn Bailey, was born out of an extreme like of the handmade form and the motivation to make attainable art objects. As a previous painter, the presence of the artist’s hand in Jannalyn’s performs is extremely critical to her. Each the clay type and the glaze software retains the gesture from Jannalyn’s hand.  Staying relatively self-taught, Jannalyn’s operate is mostly slab-built with some aspect of hand forming/sculpting.  Jannalyn hopes her will work can are living in new homes, and be a portion of the slower moments in the day, no matter if it’s your early morning cup of coffee or afternoon meditation.  Jannalyn finds fantastic joy in producing just one of a kind pottery, and her hope is that that pleasure arrives by.


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When you get included with a faire, it’s an application method you do not just indication up and do it?

Sure. Like I claimed, I used two or 3 instances and I was denied all the occasions. The way that I really obtained on there was that a shop in Georgia asked for that I be there. So when a shop requests that you as a brand name be there you are an automatic shoe in I guess.

For the acquiring aspect do they have to have to go via an application process also?

I never know. I consider that they vet most people and make confident they are a brick and mortar and not a person who is striving to do cheap Christmas shopping. And then if it is a retail store that is on the web only that is a significant marker on their profile website page. You can also reject orders on there if I really do not want my things to be sold on a internet only system I can say that this is not a very good fit.

How are you basically discovered by other people?

I consider it is just searching all around scrolling via webpages of pottery. There could be some tags but I am totally unfamiliar with the consumers side. As I maker I can not genuinely simply click close to and see other maker’s offerings extremely quickly.

So you cannot see how a great deal other people are promoting their wares for?

I think I can if I had been to log out and go on to the Faire site just as a browser, you know, anyone who is wanting all-around on my have, but I cannot navigate absent. Not that I know of.

Did you rate your perform upwards to compensate for the charge of performing organization with Faire?

Yeah, and I have experienced to elevate costs for a amount of reasons. Partly since there are extra folks doing the job for me now. Partially since shipping provides price tag an arm and a leg to even get to my doorway. The rate of energy, the cost of clay, I did transfer absent from an location in Pennsylvania that had a ceramic offer shop that available a really hefty price tag breaks at specific weights of clay and my existing clay supplier is not able to do that.

Who pays for the delivery?

The retailer or if the retailer is a Faire insider, which I think is a regular monthly fee of a hundred and anything pounds then Faire handles the retailer transport. So if a retail store does a good deal of buying on Faire it seriously behooves them to be an insider. I in no way pay out for shipping. I pay back for delivery materials and if you want to include a packing charge to offset your value of delivery supplies.

Does the transport program Faire utilizes permit you to use the cost-free boxes from the US postal services? Priority mail?

So when you punch in the pounds and the dimensions it populates UPS, FedEx, and USPS and it gives you 3 rates and recommends. What box you place in it does not really make a difference. I am under no circumstances delivery in anything at all scaled-down than a 13 inch dice. You have an alternative on Faire to make your very own label and then you have to upload the price of that label as well as the tracking quantity and then they reimburse you.

What is the most appealing issue of doing work with Faire?

It’s just the reach. I imply my do the job at this stage has absent to Germany, England, it goes to Canada all the time. And the U.S, I signify I do not want to say I am in all fifty states but I’m really darn near.


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