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What’s Going On | Museum + Exhibition Opening
Saturday, Oct 29
@ Rubell Museum DC

Inaugurating the opening of the Rubell Museum DC, the exhibition, What’s Going On will open to the public on October 29, 2022. Dedicated completely to contemporary art, the Rubell Museum DC reinvigorates the 1906 making of the former Randall Junior Significant College, a historically Black community faculty in Southwest DC that ceased operations in 1978. The museum, which is free of charge for Washington DC residents, will provide as a position for the general public to engage with the most powerful nationwide and worldwide artists of our time.

What’s Heading On draws its title from the groundbreaking 1971 album by Randall Junior Higher School alumnus Marvin Gaye that delivered a potent condemnation of the Vietnam War and the harmful realities of social injustice, drug abuse, and environmental carelessness. It also references the cornerstone of the exhibition: Keith Haring’s Untitled (Towards All Odds), 1989, a collection of 20 works motivated by Gaye’s revolutionary lyrics.

“The museum’s historic setting in a place of studying invitations the general public to check out what artists can instruct us about the environment we are living in and the concerns with which we are wrestling as men and women and as a culture,” reported Mera Rubell. “As a former trainer, I see artists and academics actively playing parallel roles as educators and in fostering civic engagement. With the preservation of this constructing, we honor the legacy of the Randall School’s a lot of lecturers, college students, and parents.”

Totaling 32,000 square ft, the museum preserves the unique format of the historic university. What were being the moment school rooms and teachers’ workplaces have been reworked into galleries with artwork that offers views, insights, and commentary on modern day ideas and troubles. The adaptive reuse of the setting up also retains the school’s 4,000-sq.-foot auditorium, a sweeping area for the presentation of formidable, massive-scale artworks and performances. The museum’s new glass pavilion entrance will feature a bakery, bookstore, and terrace that will provide as a beacon for the community.

What is Heading On brings jointly additional than 190 works by 50 artists who are responding to urgent social and political problems that carry on to influence society currently, together with Natalie Ball, Cecily Brown, Maurizio Cattelan, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Leonardo Drew, Chase Corridor, February James, Rashid Johnson, Josh Kline, Cady Noland, Richard Prince, Christina Quarles, Tschabalala Self, Sylvia Snowden, Vaughn Spann, Hank Willis Thomas, Mickalene Thomas, John Waters, Carrie Mae Weems, Kehinde Wiley, Kennedy Yanko, and Cajsa von Zeipel, amid many others.