Juxtapoz Magazine - Matt Kleberg: Slipstream @ Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas

Juxtapoz Magazine – Matt Kleberg: Slipstream @ Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas

With a follow previously involved with figuration, Matt Kleberg’s recent perform provides the absence of any depicted actor. Pregnant areas and the existence of the hand suggest the likelihood of the figure, and, by extension, implicate the viewer in their individual embodiment. The insistent framing in all of the perform, and the sculptural elements of some, reiterate that the paintings themselves are objects or bodies in area.
Kleberg functions on paper to workshop likely portray compositions. They are iterated and reiterated about and around right until one thing pops, at which position he jumps in excess of to a larger sized canvas. Displaying the paintings and drawings in dialogue together encapsulates a complete system on the wall- conception, iteration, and realization.

The two huge paintings highlighted in this exhibition are called Boxspring Slipstream and Splitscreen Slipstream. Kleberg expresses that he’s drawn to the plan of a slipstream, this house just one passes simply through, almost as if carried along, juxtaposed with boxspring and splitscreen, both equally additional or fewer thoughts/kinds that participate in with flatness, frames, supports. This fascination is demonstrated in the latest do the job an curiosity in a pressure involving looking at the paintings as invites to entry and as obstacles.