New Photos from Mongolia! - Art Wolfe

New Photos from Mongolia! – Art Wolfe

Mongolia Photo Journey – July 2022

This journey experienced originally been planned for July 2020, then COVID happened. I am eternally grateful that folks hung on to their reservations for two yrs and we were able to have an wonderful excursion!

Our emphasis was cultural, nevertheless we did have a quite handful of wildlife sightings like a critically endangered saiga antelope that galloped past us in a flash.

We were able to keep with and photograph the iconic Kazakh eagle hunters and even crashed a marriage ceremony. Around Khovd we went to a standard competition known as a nadaam, with dusty, spirited horse races, and beefy wrestlers who manufactured shorter work of soldiers who had been attending. Lastly, as section of the group break up off to photograph the endangered takhi (Przewalski’s horse) I was equipped to meet with shamans. In the Soviet period, Shamanism (and Buddhism) have been repressed, but the ancient cultural traditions are building a resurgence.

The huge steppe and arid mountains of Mongolia are magnificent. It is awe-inspiring to witness a rainstorm sweeping across the land and passing clouds dapple the hillsides. It is genuinely one particular of the last sites wherever 1 can feel so smaller still invigorated by nature.

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