Image of colour chart with dominant colour of Cadmium Yellow

On Test: Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Paints

My Title is Sean O’Grady and I’m a landscape painter and pet portrait artist. I dwell in the lovely county of Dorset.  I perform exclusively in oil paint as I get pleasure from the richness of the colors and textures you can make. I’m here to share with you my views on the Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Paint selection.

Image of two Ken Bromley Artist' Oil Paint tubes

I have been making use of Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Paints for a number of decades. I obtain them wonderful high-quality, superb benefit for cash with a great color regularity and an intensive assortment of colors. The whole 37 colour array is provided in 60ml tube sizes.  This means you get a great deal of paint for your funds in comparison to other makes.

Importantly, the titanium white is also made available in bigger 225ml tubes, additionally one particular which is a swift dry. This is extremely helpful as we are inclined to use a lot of white when working with oil paint.

Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Paints are produced in the United kingdom in little batches making use of the greatest pigments generating them a true artist excellent paint but at a fraction of the price tag of other huge manufacturers.  The price would make them suitable for any one pondering of seeking oils for the 1st time as you are not set off by the value. Furthermore, they are also ideal for any one who is at the moment is effective in oils and may perhaps gain from utilizing considerably less high priced paint without having sacrificing good quality.

Painting by Sean O'Grady
Sean O’Grady – Watersmeet, Lynton

They are thick in consistency when squeezed from the tube.  Enabling you to produce a whole array of painting methods from heavy impasto, to lovely washes of color or glazes. Effortlessly thinned down with solvent or any portray medium they work very well on any portray area, from stretched canvas, portray panels and MDF boards.  

My colour palette

Sean O'Grady's sketchbook

The large greater part of the array are one pigment colors. They mix nicely collectively manufacturing some attractive color combinations as you can see from some of my colour charts below.  Over the decades I have been making use of Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Paints, I have observed no fading or deterioration of color. My palette is made up of

  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Cadmium pink
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • French ultramarine
  • Cobalt blue
  • Cerulean blue
  • Violet
  • Cadmium orange
  • Viridian Environmentally friendly
  • Burnt umber
  • Raw umber
  • Ivory Black
  • Titanium White

Wonderful color mixing abilities

I’m normally experimenting with my colors to see what great mixes of colours I can build. In the following visuals present a range of colors developed by mixing paints from the selection.

Red-Orange colour mix
Stunning oranges manufactured with Cadmium Yellow and Alizarin Crimson mix
Mixes of greens
A awesome assortment of greens developed by mixing French Ultramarine with Cadmium Yellow

I have established color charts working with Richard Schmid’s process. This will involve creating a pure colour chart with paints, right from the tube, on the major row and then just about every row down receives lighter as far more white is included. Then I have developed a individual chart for just about every of my colors (color dominant charts). I have taken the most important (dominant) colour e.g. Viridian and mixed it with the other colours from my palette. So each column includes the dominant color combined with one particular of the other colours from my palette. As ahead of the rows downwards then get lighter as extra white is added to the two combined colors. This is a fantastic exercising to do, specially with your most routinely utilized colors, as it reminds you what colors can be accomplished by cross mixes of colours.

Image of  colour chart made with Ken Bromley Artist' Oil French Ultramarine as the dominant colour.
Color chart designed with Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil French Ultramarine as the dominant colour.
Image of colour chart that has been made with Viridian as the dominant colour.
Below the color chart has been built with Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Viridian as the dominant color.
Image of colour chart with dominant colour of Cadmium Yellow
At last, the dominant colour utilized in this chart was Cadmium Yellow from Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil array.

In summary

Sean O'Grady - Summer Fields & River
Sean O’Grady Summer Fields & River

I know from expertise that the charge of oil paints can be off placing for a ton of fellow artists.  This is why the large brand brands supply less costly scholar ranges of oil paints.  However these pupil ranges are not as fantastic as skilled paints.  They do not have the exact same mixtures of pigment to oil and can have extenders and fillers included.  So why squander your challenging earned funds on lesser quality paints when for a little bit extra you could be working with Artist quality oil paints.

Look at the price tag of other brand names and see the variation for yourself.  I comprehensively advise employing Ken Bromley Artist’ Oil Paints I have not doubt that you will not be upset.

I hope to give extra information on my painting procedure in a long run posting. Satisfied portray.

See Sean O’Grady’s do the job at kingdom or, You can retain up to day with Sean on his Fb page – Sean O’Grady good artwork