XPPen Black Friday 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Roundup

So I’ve reviewed numerous XPPen products this year so in this post I’ll be giving you my recommendations on which product to get in case you want to take advantage of the Black Friday 2022 sale from XPPen this year. To find out more about the products, just check out the detailed reviews I’ve made via the links provided.

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And since I’ve reviewed all these products listed below, feel free to ask me any question in the comments section if you need help deciding.

All the prices listed below are original retail prices so that you can compare them against the Black Friday prices to see the actual savings.

Pen displays

The most significant releases this year from XPPen has got to be addition of more pen displays to the 2nd gen XP-Pen Artist series. Currently in the line up are

The familiar red ring from the 1st gen pen displays (above) have been updated to the new streamlined designs (below) with more colours choices.

That pen display above by the way is the XPPen Artist 13 Pro (review | product page) which is still a good one to consider if you find a dial more useful.

The main difference between the 2nd gen XPPen Artist pen displays is just the size and the number of shortcut buttons. These new pen displays have several upgrades, namely:

  • There’s USB-C video support in addition to HDMI
  • The new X3 Elite Pen is more sensitive and accurate
  • Better colour accuracy with 100% sRGB and 80-90%+ AdobeRGB

My general recommendation is to get a pen display that’s at least 13-inches because that’s a comfortable size to work with. And if you need to work on the pen display for long periods of time, definitely go with a larger display if your budget allows. All the pen displays are compact (thinner than laptops) and can be stored away easily.

Drawing performance of the X3 Elite pen is fantastic and so is overall drawing experience. The pen displays use a matte screen protector to give you the tactile drawing experience.

The XPPen Artist 16 (2nd gen) is the best among the five. Speaking of 15-16-inch pen displays, XPPen is currently selling 6 (six!) different models. The older models will be cheaper and still have good drawing performance. I prefer the new 2nd gen series because of the cleaner designs and USB-C support.

Interestingly, the XPPen Artist 22 (2nd gen) shown above is the only one where the design looks different from the other 2nd gens.

If you want the biggest pen display from XPPen, the best one is definitely the XPPen Artist 24 Pro (review | product page) with USB-C support and 2560 x 1440 resolution. The price is US $899. It is quite pricey but the visual quality you get from the extra resolution is on another level compared to the ubiquitous 1080P resolution on pen displays.

Pen tablets

Even though pen displays are getting more common, pen tablets are still popular, and significantly cheaper. Notice the design similarity with the 2nd gen XPPen Artist pen displays?

XPPen has released the Deco M & MW (review | product page) budget drawing pen tablets this year. They are priced at US $49 and $69 (wireless). These have 8 x 5 inch drawing area. If you’re like me who prefers something larger, there’s the Deco L/LW (review | product page) with 10 x 6 inch drawing area. Prices are US $69 and $89 (wireless).

While it’s more intuitive to draw on a screen, these screen-less tablets are also great to draw on and have fantastic drawing performance. The selling point here is the lower price point because not everyone is loaded with cash.

The XPPen Deco pen tablets are affordable and perform well and will get the job done. And now there are more colours to choose from instead of just black.

If you need an even better pen tablet, there’s the XPPen Deco Pro (review | product page) from US $99 onwards.

You can find all these Deco series pen tablets on this page.

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