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Bang Sang-Ho | Mind-Blowing Digital Paintings

About Bang Sang-ho

Bang Sang-ho is a (digital) illustrator artist from Seoul, South Korea. His work is mesmerizing both visually and mentally for his unique, elaborate, yet remarkable style. Bang’s layouts have so many things going on that they might seem animated at first glance. By staring at Bang Sang-ho’s images, one is slowly driven into a designated colorful and fantastical world, amazed by the number of surprises he prepared for the viewer. Hidden in his dynamic and multicolor aesthetic lies Bang’s acuity towards his feelings, sophisticated imagination, and aesthetics.

Digital Painting

Painting is an emotional medium for Bang, employed whenever he feels happy or depressed. He draws more often when he wants to escape daily strain or distracting thoughts. The organic form and psychedelic colors reflect the best representation of Bang’s unconscious feelings.

Bang produces everything manually when it comes to personal work by transferring all the random images that pass through his head onto paper. He usually creates his artwork using digital tools, but he will never deny the pencil stroke. Bang values manual sketching and will always consider this his first creative action. After the sketch satisfies his ideas, he will finalize it digitally and then paint it. Recently, I’ve felt uncomfortable with digital work’s textures and expressions. Thus, I have been creating digital work and works by hand, such as acrylic paintings, at the same time. 

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